2018 Swordfish Tournament Rules

Location Miami Outboard Club : 1099 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132 Phone:(305) 379-3000

1) Captains Meeting Required. Commencing 2017, at least one member of the registering team must be present at the captains meeting to obtain the unique item issued.

2) Unique Item. The tournament will assign a unique item that must be photographed with any swordfish caught, and provided at the weigh station to ensure the fish was caught within the tournament days. 

3) Photo Requirements. All catches must be accompanied by a photo that includes the fish caught and the unique item provided by the tournament. This rule applied to ALL SWORDFISH CATCHES regardless which method is used to bring the fish to the weigh station.

Why and what is this for? 

Swordfish Marathon is making itself accessible to a further reach of tournament anglers to aid in increasing the prize pots yearly. We have anglers interested from the Florida Keys up to Lighthouse Point. To level the playing field, we will require a member of the team to come to the captains meeting to collect the unique item. A photo (with the swordfish and unique item visible) MUST be provided at the weigh station to ensure the fish weighed was caught within the tournament dates and not prior.  With these new rules, now anglers have the option of bringing their catches by land. 

4) Bring Catch By Land. All anglers have the right to bring their catch by land. The unique item and photo must be provided at the time of weigh in.

General Rules

All registered anglers must comply with all applicable FEDERAL AND FLORIDA LAWS regarding fishing licenses, size limits, bag limits, speed limits, highly migratory species permit, etc. Visit http://myfwc.com/ for all regulations. Any infraction of the applicable rules will disqualify the registered angler(s) and boat from the entire tournament and will not be entitled to any refund of the entry fee.

Check-out and Territorial Limits: No checkout is required. Boats may depart from any United State inlet/port of call at any time during the fishing window. This tournament has no boundary restrictions. 

Anglers and Tackle: This is tournament is based on boat and not on angler. Therefore, rods and fishing tackle can be handled by different anglers during the reeling of a fish. There is no limit on the number of anglers per boat during the tournament. Conventional rod and reel, as well as, electric reels are permitted. No commercial buoys or gear is permitted.

Eligible Species and Size: Swordfish is the only qualifying species allowed and for the tournament. The minimum size shall be 50 inches from the lower jaw to the fork of the tail.

Radio Channels: VHF channel 72 is the official channel. In case of emergency contact the Coast Guard.

Official Fishing Time: Lines in on Friday at 11 p.m. Fishing is permitted at any time in fishing window. Boat may choose day time fishing, night time fishing, or a combination of day and night. This is granted to all registered boats and no specification is required to the tournament officials. Lines out on Sunday (ANYTIME). Registrant are responsible to physically arrive to the weight station line prior 4:00 p.m. There is no additional time for hooked-up fish. 

Weight Station Locations: Station 1- Miami Outboard Club - 1099 MacArthur Causeway Miami, FL 33132 (305) 379-3000 NEW Station 2 - Bass Pro Shops - World Wide Sportsman 81576 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036  (305) 664-4615

Weight Station Times: Saturday 2:00pm - 5:00pm. Sunday 1:00 pm to 4:00pm. Fish must be in line at the weight station before the closing time on either day.

Award Ceremony: 6:00pm on Sunday. At least one member of the team must be present to collect prizes.

Scoring : Eligible swordfish will be weighed during the indicated weight station hours each day. In case of a tie, the fish will be prioritized by time. Therefore, the first swordfish weighed, will win. Multiple fish may be weighed but only the heaviest will score. Only one prize per boat.  (Example: You may weigh in a 100lb swordfish on Saturday's weigh in, and then a 200lb swordfish on Sunday's weigh in. Only the 200lb will count. There is no aggregate weight for the swordfish class.) 

Polygraphs: All vessels entered in this tournament, and all anglers participating in these vessels, agree and consent to voluntarily submit themselves to a polygraph examination, if the fishing committee requires. Furthermore, the fishing committee may use any other method of determination at their discretion.

Prizes: Only one prize per boat. Three official prize tiers; first place, second place and third place. The sum will be according to the amount of boats entered in the tournament. Prizes will be set by the tournament directors yearly. 

Photographs: The committee, organizers and sponsors reserve the right to use any photographs and recordings taken during the event, for legitimate purposes, including commercial advertising and promotions.

Release of Liability: All participants in this tournament enter at their own risk. Officials, committee members and all persons connected directly or indirectly with the operation of the fishing tournament shall be exempt from liability for loss, damage, negligence, harm or injuries suffered to any participant, entrant, sports fisherman, their companions, boat captains, crew member, vessel and equipment, which may occur during this tournament.

Weather: The committee reserves the right to cancel the tournament due to increment weather. In the event that any portion of the fishing window is affected by weather, the results of the tournament will be based on the fish weighed in the available portion of the fishing window. Should there be an act of God, such as a hurricane, the tournament directors reserve the right to reschedule or cancel for the year. No refunds will be available.

Disputes: Any disputes must be addresses promptly with the fishing committee. Fishing committee reserves all right on any and all tournament decisions and only the fishing committee may suggest a course of corrective action if deemed necessary. 

BEAT THE RECORD: The BEAT THE RECORD specialty category was created in 2016. The fish to win this category must weigh a minimum of 1 whole pound or more than the previous year’s 1st place fish. The 2015 final prize weight was 87.80. The 2016 final prize weight was 115.60. The 2017 final prize weight was 133.55. This places the minim weight requirement for the 2018 BEAT THE RECORD at 134.55. Only those participating in this sub-category can enter to win. In the case of more than one fish with the qualifying weight, the largest fish will win the prize. In the case no fish beats the category weight requirement, the pot will roll into the next year, and so on, to accumulate the value and prizes until the category is won.